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I'm a treehugger, just so y'know. >.>;

Name: Nia
Age: 15
Sex: Female.
Sexuality: Pansexual.
Who is Condoleeza Rice?: The right hand of God. I mean... The right hand of Bush. Or is it the left hand...?

What's your favorite talk show?: Uh... Oprah.
Favorite Book(s):
I. Living Dead in Dallas
II. Cybersex
III. Girl Got Game manga

Favorite Movie(s):
I. Moulin Rouge
II. Peter Pan (2003)
III. Pirates of the Caribbean

Favorite Food: It changes all the time. But right now, it's Chinese chicken&rice soup.
Favorite Band(s): Uh.. I got bands and artists. John Mayer, Dido, Frou Frou, System of a Down, 3 Doors Down...

What do you think about gay marriages: I'm for them. People should be able to marry whomever they want, as long as they know it's true and they're ready for commitment.
Describe your life in one word: Musical.
Glass half empty, or glass half full?: Half empty... cause I spilled it.

For shits and giggles
Draw a tree & show us(optional):

Do you giggle when a ketchup bottle makes a farting noise?: Sometimes. >.>
Tamagotchi or Gigapet?: Tamagotchi.
Pokemon or Digimon?: Pokemon all the way!
Diet or regular?: Diet.
What is/was your favorite halloween costume that you wore?: A mime. ^.^
Cucumber or dildo: Cucumber.
Tell us a knock knock joke. Why? I don't know any. ;.;

Why should you be accepted?: Because I'm... um... a talking coconut!

Promote us to someone and prove that you did: I will... if I'm accepted! I'll promote to you to my LJ, then take a screenshot. >.>

What's something we should add to this community/application?: Nothing, I like it the way it is! ^_^


I only edited the colour for that one.

My random person picture. O.o; I can't find any funny ones. >.>'
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Cute kid..
But that's about all I can say.

How about NO, Scott?
- horrible bands
- referring to Bush as God
- I fear your forehead is going to take over the world. Seriously, get rid of that flat, straight-line part.

I think she was referring to the way that Bush claims he works for god, and Rice goes along with everything he says. (;
Oh. Oh!

:] I thought she was saying like "The right hand of Go-uh, Bush! Bush IS JESUS". I'm stupid!


12 years ago

Deleted comment

no, cause your pictures arent showing up for me, and your app annoyed the hell out of me.

NO! Ugh you really annoy me.

God damn it, you are supposed to promote somewhere even if you aren't accepted. Why doesn't anyone get that?? But yeah, all your answers sucked and you are ugly. Go apply to a cow with diar need of botox injections community. (refering to the second to last picture)
Well... maybe it should say so on the application. *smiles sweetly*
Well...it kind of does, faggot *smiles*
Actually, it doesn't. It says promote. It doesn't say "promote BEFORE you're accepted". I could already tell you would suck at RP.
i don't know...
i didn't hate your app, but i didn't really like it either.
i'm going to go with no, sorry.
i'm feeling kind.

I'm going to go with a no.
Nothing really striked an interest in the application. Sorry.
Why should you be accepted?: Because I'm... um... a talking coconut!

are you fucking annoying or what?

that would be a no. and your music sucks.

p.s. im in paris =)
hahaha, nice.
Not annoying, imaginative, love.

Thanks. But I personally like it. I didn't ask you.
You were asking for it as soon as you stepped into this community
You sure were mean.

(felt good, didn't it?)
...Wait, me? o.o;
Nuh uh. The *judges*. :)

Re: Bitchy judges?


12 years ago

Re: Bitchy judges?


12 years ago